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[One Piece] Revelation Duties

Title:  Revelation Duties
Pairing:  SanUso
Rating:  T?
Warnings: Boyxboy, mpreg, language, slight comedic violence
Summary:  Usopp’s so nervous about telling his father about his pending parenthood that he’s sure he’s going to drop.  Sanji on the other hand has no idea how to break the news to his fellow chefs and all of their friends.  They’re both slightly lost, conflicted, and maybe a little hungry
Note:   Finally, a fic in continuity!!  : D  This is the fic after One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, so if you haven’t read that yet, I would recommend doing so!  (In fact, read Learn Something New, One Step Forward, and then this, I find that’s a little more fun.)  This is a little long.

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Totally not signal boosting on here...

OK, I'm lying.  I need some moneys and this may be the start of some serious spring cleaning I'm going to attempt.  Also if you're a follower on tumblr, you've already seen this.

I am selling three One Piece figures!

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You can find the information and the details regarding my sales here.  I'd prefer any messages go through my tumblr, but if you don't have an account or prefer not to go anon, feel free to ask me here.

[One Piece] Learn Something New Everyday

Title:  Learn Something New Every Day
Pairing:  SanUso
Rating:  T
Warnings: Boyxboy, mpreg, language, slight fluff
Summary:  Despite Usopp’s assurance that something is definitely wrong with him, Sanji refuses to listen and sends Usopp to work anyway.  Unfortunately, Usopp’s right, which leads to an interesting discovery that neither one expected.
Note:   I’m just gonna sit here and smile because Basil’s gonna go to fanfiction.net when I get at least one more short story done.  C :  WE SO EXCITED!!

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Also, fair warning, this is the first time writing for a few characters:  Conis, Pagaya and Heracles.  I'm not worried about Conis and Pagaya so much, but I have yet to see Heracles in an episode.  In fact I've only watched maybe 4 minutes of him in clips.  If he is OOC, forgive me, but I tried to do the best I could!  I hope you enjoy all the same!

[One Piece] Screaming Match

Title:  Screaming Match
Pairings:  SanUso and ZoLuZo
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, slight violence, implied sexual content and general hilarity
Summary:  Everyone knew four of their crew members were going to cause a bit of chaos, but they never expected to find themselves dragged into it.  Then again, there were quite a few things they weren’t expecting.
Note: Oh this was so fun to write- Most of it done during an extremely boring history class.  Also done for my friend Tori on tumblr, as today (3/8) is her birthday!

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Now I just have to crank out one more birthday fic before tomorrow.  Not only is March 9th Franky's super birthday, but I'll be heading off to an anime convention for the weekend.  Taking fics to work on, but I highly doubt any of them will be finished.  xD

SanUso Drabble 1

Posted to the onepieceyaoi100 community.  This made me realize word limitations are HARD for me to handle, as I almost went over twice.

Title: Morning Glory
Rating: T
Word Count: 291
Pairing: SanjixUsopp
Topic: Nude

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